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    Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP)


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    Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP) Empty Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP)

    Post  WarringTriad on Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:16 pm

    At the moment, Amumu is otherwise forced to be a jungler due to his poor laning potential. Simply put you can't play Amumu without jungling anymore.

    This is fine for most people, but not everyone thrives in the jungle. While Amumu can jungle, with the recent new champions, there are simply better jungling options than Amumu. His only claim to fame is his 2 second AOE snare ulti.

    Amumu has many issues in laning, heavily due to the mana costs of his abilities. Amumu is too heavily reliant on his abilities when engaging an enemy champion. If Amumu runs out of mana he can no longer hold his own, and its only unfortunate his abilities don't offer him insurance in mana control.

    50 mana is required for one use of Tantrum, this is otherwise his main form of offense. It has a low damage output but is effective due to its CD-Reducing-Per-Hit. Its meant to be spammed, but usually unless Amumu builds himself entirely for Mana-Sustainability he will find issues in the use of tantrum for harassing or farming. In the end you will find yourself suffering from 'mana fever' as you can't out-harass an enemy champion due to the low damage of tantrum in trade for its mana cost. Spamming Tantrum on an enemy is more often than not a bad idea, you'll burn out your mana very quicky and tantrum deals rather minimal damage even when maxed.

    Bandage Toss has an average CD, but it hits hard. Its mana cost at level 1 is 80, and grows as it levels. Its a straight line skill shot which will collide with the first object it connects to. Its easy to avoid by hiding behind creeps or simply juking. Its rather impractical on lane due to its inflexibility. Blitzcrank's grab brings his opponents to him, but Amumu's grab brings him to his opponent. It offers a stun as well, so its reasonable as long as you can connect it. Only the stun is effective in a 1 v 1, and to a certain extent the damage. Its high mana cost means that using it to harass an opponent is usually not worthwhile. A single Toss + Tantrum takes off about 30~40% of Amumu's mana in one shot, dealing between 180+ damage assuming both are at level 1. The Mana/Damage trade-off is simply not worth it during early game laning.

    Despair is effective in farming, it can be turned on for brief bursts to farm. But its range and damage means that amumu has to be close to enemy champions for extensive periods of time for it to be effective. Its mild in farming, poor in harassing, and its easy for enemies to burst Amumu and run before the bulk of Despair's damage is felt.

    Amumu's ulti is pretty standard. Wide range AOE stun. Famous for 'screwing' teamfights. Long to average CD. Mild Damage. You would'nt use it on lane unless its to ensure a kill.

    Despite these cons, Amumu, assuming he can outlast his opponent, is a reasonably strong
    1 v 1 fighter. A prolonged 1 v 1 fight with an Amumu can spell disaster for his enemies. As long as Amumu has the mana to sustain himself, he can usually hold his own fine against even the mightiest of enemies. However, most people would not be dumb enough to just stand around and let you build up your DPS. Bar his grab, Amumu is rather slow, its reasonably hard for him to drag an engagement with an enemy champion. If an enemy runs and Amumu no longer has his grab or ulti, he usually can't kill the enemy. This is excluding Flash + Last hit Tantrums btw. You could also follow an enemy at low health with your despair activated. Pray tell the DPS damage flows fast enough and you get the kill before your enemy gets too far away.

    To sum it all up, Amumu's laning ability is too unstable, and against smarter opponents, impractical. The current Amumu's gameplay is too inflexible. Hopefully Riot will improve it and enable Amumu to return to the lanes once again.

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    Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP) Empty Re: Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP)

    Post  Zexion on Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:33 pm

    I see the logical explanation of this. Although I'm not a jungler, in the games I play now it seems Amumu isn't a good choice to jungle now due to the low gold and exp. Although one can constantly gank, I find that it is too easy to be countered by a single ward. Thus, your dissatisfaction is reasonable.

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    Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP) Empty Re: Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP)

    Post  AegisShroud on Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:56 pm

    thats why mumu needs a good team to be effective

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    Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP) Empty Re: Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP)

    Post  Larvichee on Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:57 am

    Amumu should never be in a solo lane unless he's about 2-3 levels ahead and 2000 gold ahead. In 2v2 lanes he's very dangerous because he automatically zones you out due to his bandage toss. I've killed many unsuspecting people by bandage tossing then using ulti, preventing them from flashing away while my teammates hammers on them and they die.

    Well, this is just my opinion though.

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    Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP) Empty Re: Amumu exiled from the lanes. (Amumu is UP)

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