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    Hi! I'm shadowbatx Empty Hi! I'm shadowbatx

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    My name is Dillon Mak, IGN shadowbatx

    I am 16, and I seldom rage, but when I do, I explode. If you check, I only have 40 normal game wins... so yea.... not that great. I'm not GREAT at any characters or roles. If i had to pick a tank, it would be Singed. I played Nidalee as my previous main, but now I'm just trying out all the champions.
    I recently reached level 30, but mostly on BOT games (surprise surprise).

    Also, if you ever choose to play with me when I'm online, please, PLEASE, don't rage at me if I play bad. Even if I die a lot of time, I still try. I NEVER TROLL, unless I have been trolled by the same person for 3-5 games in a row.... If I KS you, I probably didn't mean to. I may sometimes be oblivious to the things happening around me, both in real life and online. I hope I can get along with all of you and get to know you all through playing games together, as well as in chats and clan gatherings that I attend.

    I rarely comment/post on anything unless I have to. When I do however, they are LONG. REALLY LONG. I write what I think, and you may or may not agree with what I say. Even so, I hope all of us will stay together for as long as this clan exists and that we do not fall apart due to disagreements and arguments.

    If anybody wants to know more things that are not too personal, I'd be more than happy to answer you. I also provide constructive feedback and I will help anyone who needs it (most of the time).

    If you do read the entire post, thank you. If you didn't, thanks. Stay Positive, Stay Happy, and Stay Semi-healthy!

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