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    [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear


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    [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear Empty [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear

    Post  Invidious on Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:17 pm

    [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear Volibear

    Volibear is a really strong and cute ganker/ tank, so I've decided to make a guide on him before he gets hit by the nerf hammer and to fulfill those 15 posts xD

    Champion Stats
    Damage: 54(+3.3 per level)
    Health: 440(+86 per level)
    Mana: 220(+30 per level)
    Movement Speed: 320
    Armor: 14(+3.5 per level)
    Magic Resistance: 30(+1.25 per level)
    Health Regeneration: 1.4(+0.13 per level)
    Mana Regeneration: 1.4(+0.13 per level)

    Summoner Spells
    1. Smite
    2. Flash or Ghost
    Personally, I prefer Flash over Ghost as Flash is more helpful early game for ganks and is always handy for you to flash over that darn wall.

    Greater Marks of Penetration +1.66 Armour Penetration
    Greater Seals of Vitality +1.08 Health per level
    Greater Glyph of Shielding +0.15 Magic Resistance per level OR Greater Glyphs of Alacrity +0.64% Attack Speed
    Greater Quintessence of Vitality +2.7 Health per level

    [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear Junglevolibearmastery
    I put all 30 points into defense so as to enjoy as many magic resistance and armour as possible, and added Bladed Armour for an even easier jungling.

    Skill Sequence
    Majestic Roar should be added at level 1 only for jungling purposes, and should be kept at level 1 until all other skills are maxed out.
    Frenzy, your second skill, is the skill to max out first because of its epic attack speed bonus and damage, followed by Rolling Thunder, the first skill for fast cool down and damage. Of course, add your ultimate whenever it is available.
    Generally, the skill sequence is:

    Jungle Route
    1. Leash on Blue Golem, use Majestic Roar, and kill with Smite. Add Frenzy.
    2. Wolf camp
    3. Wraith camp
    4. Kill Twin Golems and add Frenzy
    5. Smite and kill Elder Lizard
    6. Kill the Wraith camp and add Rolling Thunder. Now proceed to gank and get firstblood Very Happy

    1. Vampiric Scepter
    2. You should be able to buy the Wriggle’s Lantern immediately after a round of jungling and a gank
    3. Mercury’s Treads. I’ve seen many Volibears buy the Boots of Swiftness. It is a bad idea.
    4. Warmog’s Armour. This item brings you one more step closer to being god. With the masteries and runes, volibear would already have around 90 armour and magic resistance, so Warmog would add to your HP pool, increase your Frenzy’s damage, and lets your ability heal more.
    5. Thornmail. Damage return is our best friend.
    6. Force of Nature. More magic resistance, more health regeneration, and lets us move faster with rolling thunder.
    7. Quicksilver Sash. Late game, what stops you from your rampage is that stupid stun or the cursed Lux’s light binding, or that wretched ignite that ruined your 1.5k heal. Because jungling substitutes cleanse with smite, quicksilver sash provides a godly amount of magic resistance and cleanse.
    8. Now that you have everything to rape, sell off the Wriggle’s Lantern and turn it into a Triforce.

    Items NOT To Get
    1. Spirit's Visage
    1550 gold for 250 health, 30 magic resistance, 10% cooldown reduction, and increased Chosen of the Storm healing may sound tempting, but DON'T. Most of the time, people would throw their ignites on you, and your Chosen of the Storm is just a nice heal bonus. Do not rely on it to survive. Also, Volibear is a tank that auto attacks, and cooldown reduction is useless. Remember that Quicksilver Sash is cheaper, gives more magic resistance, and has a better active.
    2. Stark's Fervor
    Reducing your opponent's armour, more life steal, and giving yourself more attack speed on top of the 60% attack speed bonus from Frenzy may sound cool, but Volibear is NOT an AD carry. Anyway, Volibear usually auto attacks with the ultimate on, and the ultimate does magic damage, so Stark's Fervor is not entirely useful.
    3. Frozen Mallet
    More health, more damage, and a passive slow. However, it is at the cost of 3250gold, and Volibear already has an aoe slow Majestic Roar. Warmog should already be enough to cover up our health, so we should save the gold for defensive items.

    Volibear’s Job
    Volibear is an initiator, and a tanker. In a team fight, just Rolling Thunder straight into the enemy team if you are really fat, or catch those slowpoke squishies and fling them behind you, right into your team full of hungry carries. Next, simply use Majestic Roar for the aoe slow, and activate your ultimate (Thunder Claws). Frenzy’s 3 stacks gives you A LOT of attack speed, and together with your ultimate’s bouncing damage it shreds your opponents fast.

    Volibear only has his rolling thunder as a crowd control, and that is one of his biggest con. Compared to Shen and Rammus’ taunt and Alistar or Taric’s stun, Volibear cannot ensure that the carries won’t get targeted. Always remember to stay infront of your AD carries and strike fear in your opponent’s hearts with your sheer size blocking their screen and your hitpoints.

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    Post  Oscar on Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:00 pm

    Nice guide.

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    Post  NurarihyonX on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:54 am

    So going to buy volibear

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    [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear Empty Re: [Summoner's Rift] Jungle Volibear

    Post  holyfist on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:46 am

    not bad ,, Very Happy

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