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    [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana


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    [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana Empty [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana

    Post  RubberDauck on Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:37 am

    Shyvana the Half-Dragon
    [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana ShyvanaSquare

    Summoner Spell
    Smite is a must.
    2nd would be ghost, exhaust, flash or surge(for the lols NOTE: bigger dragon).. your choice


    I'd go for 21/9/0 on all my junglers.. the basic phsical dmg tree with minion dmg and 3 armor 3 mr with creep return dmg.. Theres no need for smite mastery since its kinda useless now with jungle creeps spawning fast.


    Ever since the new jungle, i play her with atk spd and ARpen runes with yellow armor this is way better now than last time as the creeps melt fast to your dragon fire and along with vamp scepter at the start, your atk spd runes will totally regen back your health lost
    19% atk spd
    12 Arpen
    yellow flat armor

    Jungle Route

    This route is used for all my jungle heroes.

    I start with wolves and go for blue buff next. There really isnt no need for a leash as when you get to the blue buff, the lane creeps will probably be killing off each other and your mid lane may lose out in exp.. Be sure to smite the blue when its at 450~500 hp. After blue, proceed with wraiths and back to wolves again. Yes, back to wolves. The new jungle remake makes respawn faster and so the wolves will be out by the time you are done with wraiths.(You might need to wait 1 or 2 seconds for the wolves to spawn since shyvana jungle very fast) After that, go for red and smite it at arnd 700hp. Finally, finish off the double golems and you should be done around the 4 mins mark.

    Skill build

    I do not really have a skill build that i follow but for the jungling phase, i pick up W,Q,W for dmg and movement spd. lv 4 onwards would be up to you.

    Item build

    Again, this changes depending on your team setup. Basically, i start off with vamp scepter, upgrade it to a wriggles and get boots(berserker/ionian/mercury)
    The next few items would be on your own preference.

    After normal jungling

    Nothing new from other junglers...
    farm your jungle
    farm enemy jungle(optional)

    Do take note.. farming lane for shyvana is putting your team at a disadvantage as shyvana kill creeps fast. This would make the lane heroes lose out on farm+exp and would put them in a very nice spot for enemy gank.

    My jungle route is taken from stonewall and saintvicious.

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    [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana Empty Re: [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana

    Post  OolongTea on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:11 pm

    Good job on your first guide in the forum! Try adding colors for your next guide, and try to be more specific in the details. Check out Larviche Lane Maokai and Shinryuu's Fizz guide. Looking forward toy uor next guide RubberDUACK!

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    [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana Empty Re: [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana

    Post  WarringTriad on Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:35 pm

    RUBBERYVANAWP'S BUILD. Now anyone can troll Nidalees aaaaaaaaaall day long~

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    [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana Empty Re: [Summoner 's Rift] A guide to jungle Shyvana

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